With my bookshelf racking up an increasing number of authors over the years, I’ve decided to start recording my thoughts and musings.

Life at the moment has taken an unexpected turn. On a whim I moved to Bristol in August 2017 (a friend had a spare room up for grabs) and since then I have been a little bit of a free-fall. Having spent all of this millennium in education it has been a little bit of an adjustment, living life without a plan. I am currently seeing where life takes me, exploring this new city and acclimatising to living back in the South West of England after 3 years in the deep North (York is the deep north, Northerners need to accept this fact). I have a day job working at the National Trust, a heritage charity and the largest private landowners in the country. The night job is creating and researching and basically doing all of the reading – so this blog is primarily about that.

Projects/things I am currently working on:

  • Running a Half Marathon! Being a non-running type person I have decided to challenge myself to run the Bath Half on the 4th March for Rethink, a mental health charity. Check out what they’re up to here or follow my progress and donate here.
  • 52 Weeks, 52 Books. I decided to task myself with reading 52 books in 2018 as my New Years Resolution. This may be a stupid idea. We shall see. Check out how it’s going here.
  • Exploring: my next trip will be a long weekend to Dublin 24th – 27th February. I have never been to Ireland before, and it has been a while since I have done an out-of-country mini break. Looking forward to = all of the Guinness! Concerned about = for some reason I have a feeling it’s going to be really damn cold. So mentally preparing for that! Check out my occasional travel blog, Brit Abroad, here.
  • In the process of brainstorming a novel idea. Not going to share anything here, but have been really inspired by some of the fantasy novels I’ve been reading lately so want to look into this more.

I hope you enjoy the ramblings.


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