With my bookshelf racking up an increasing number of authors over the years, I’ve decided to start recording my thoughts and musings.

I have officially fallen in love with Bristol! I have *kind of* struck out on my own, getting a little flat with an old friend on the edge of Stokes Croft and attempting to source our own furniture! In a bit of a limbo at the moment career/study-wise, but I am just enjoying the ride and waiting to see what happens really. It all works out for the best in the end – hopefully. I have a day job working at the National Trust, a heritage charity and the largest private landowners in the country. The night job is creating and researching and basically doing all of the reading – so this blog is primarily about that.

Projects/things I am currently working on:

  • Signed up to yet another Half Marathon. This time this one is in Amsterdam, and I am running it for the National Trust…wish me luck! Being in October, I’m hoping there will be not too much snow this time, need to get back out there and training. Donate here.
  • 52 Weeks, 52 Books. I decided to task myself with reading 52 books in 2018 as my New Years Resolution. This may be a stupid idea. We shall see. Check out how it’s going here.
  • Just got back from a lovely sunny holiday in Crete, not thinking of heading anywhere else for the moment – but need to obviously get myself over to Amsterdam in time to race.
  • Exciting new news – I have applied for a Master’s! Who’d have thought it?! Still waiting on a response, but once I know either way I shall have a tad more direction in life.
  • In the process of brainstorming a novel idea. Not going to share anything here, but have been really inspired by some of the fantasy novels I’ve been reading lately so want to look into this more.

I hope you enjoy the ramblings.


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