Bridget Jones’ Diary: Helen Fielding 

This is one of those books I am always surprised that I have not read. It has been on the list for ages, especially when the film is on TV around Christmas (why is it a Christmas type film?!). Anyway, I came across Bridget Jones’ Diary in a thrift store in Philadelphia for the grand total of 29 cents so really had no excuse not to buy it.

It is a pretty famous story. Bridget, 30 something career-type-girl with a disasterous love life, aims to keep a diary to record her transformation into a goddess. She generally screws it up by being the embarrassing human being we all know we are, whilst somehow netting hunky bad boy Daniel Cleaver and charming but bumbling Mark Darcy. That is about as far as the similarities between the book and the film goes. There is so much more to Bridget’s life in the book – not to mention her crazy friends and the antics of her late-life-crisis mother. If you have only seen the film, you will find this very different.

Bridget Jones’ Diary is an incredibly quick and easy read. It is light and hilarious and an incredibly small book. A most excellent holiday essential, you could read this anywhere – whether it is by the beach or in Philadelphia City hall.


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