All Fun and Games Until Somebody Loses an Eye: Christopher Brookmyre

This is another one of those charity shop finds. What with the stresses of writing dissertations and life in general, the brain was in need of a little rest. I have always enjoyed a sarcastic detective novel, and decided to pick this up as the blurb sounds relatively hilarious. Anything that references hard core hoovering is right up my street. Oh the irony.

‘All Fun and Games’ is based around a for hire specialist black ops team, tasked with recovering a missing scientist. To do this, the team-leader (Bett) decides to bring in the scientist’s mother (logical I know), to use her lethal mothering instinct to protect her own. The mother in question, Jane Fleming, is a 46 year old grandmother stuck in a mid-life rut. She spends a lot of time attempting to smuggle herself across the English channel and being trained up to become a secret agent type. All in all, this book featured a lot of ass-kicking, beautiful locations and a perfect form of escapism for my frazzled brain.

This was a brilliant, witty, fairly plot-y book, if you ignore the irrationality of training up the target’s mother which is altogether a time consuming exercise when you have a team of experts to hand. I definitely enjoyed reading it though, and would probably recommend this for anyone looking for a cheery read.

A good gift for a parent, might inspire them to become a black ops agent.


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