In Harm’s Way: Martin Bell

In Harm’s Way – Bosnia: A War Reporter’s Story – Martin Bell

In all honesty I chose this book because of my interest in the 1990s war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In fact, I am writing my dissertation on it. It has been sat in my Kindle library for ages, yet I did not have time to sit and read until my trip to South East Asia a couple of months ago. I love a good biography to sink my teeth into. Journalism is also a fascinating job idea for me, so this book ticked a lot of boxes.

The revised edition of this book was published in 2012 after its original publication in 1995. As this would have been written immediately after the end of the conflict. Because of this much of the writing is close to the bone, yet the revisions are able to benefit from hindsight and a better awareness of facts that would not have been clear at the time. Bell was working as a BBC war correspondent covering the Bosnian conflict throughout the period. If you have an interest in conflict history Bosnia is particularly good to study as it is an example of civil war in which ethnic cleansing played a large role, as well as marking a change in how war reporting occurred.

The morality of Bell’s writing makes him an automatically likeable narrator. The self-consciousness of his work makes for enlightening reading. I particularly found it interesting due to my research into the subject and deeper interest in Bosnia and the media.

I would recommend this book to any would-be history buffs who are looking for a reflective war narrative to stimulate the interest.


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