According to YES: Dawn French

Apparently I need to stop moaning about my parents sending me serious books – this is what turned up in the post! As a big Comic Strip Presents fan and lover of French & Saunders I thought I had better give this a try. I did thoroughly enjoy Bonkers: My Life in Laughs by Saunders too, so the chance of a good piece of fiction was very tempting.

According to YES details the arrival of Brit Rosie Kitto in New York, ready for a nannying job for a wealthy Manhattan family. As she tries to draw out the family from their un-fun emotionally constipated shells, clashes occur with the Wilder-Bingham matriarch Glenn and complicated situations arise. If anything, this book demonstrates the issues caused by a lack of communication. Through her various mistakes Rosie attempts to find happiness and move on from a difficult history in Britain. This novel is brilliant for character development, as a reader I felt fully invested in everyone Rosie encounters.

I enjoyed this book. It was happy and light – there were a few cliffhangers but nothing to ruin a Sunday morning read with a cup of tea. I felt some of the best writing involved the scenes between Rosie and her young charges searching out fun in a bustling New York. Considering its subject matter, there was a lot more sex in this book than was expected. Yet how this was handled was tasteful and did the complications of each encounter justice. At times it felt a little like Rosie’s only purpose was to fulfill and empower the male characters in the plot, but there were a couple of very touching scenes between Glenn and Rosie in the latter half of the book, as well as with the maid Iva.

I would recommend this book to anyone look for a quick cheerful read. As Christmas is now coming up, this may be a good book to buy for the mother or a relative in need of a good read.


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