Milk and Honey: Rupi Kaur

Back to the proper book reviews!

Personally, I don’t usually go for poetry. Perhaps it is left over mental scarring from GCSE English. We did read more Carol Ann Duffy than is healthy. Milk and Honey was recommended by a friend by the tantalising assertion that it was ‘something every girl should keep on her nightstand.’ After having borrowed it I realised that two of my housemates own this book, with one having lent it out as a breakup cure. Obviously it was meant to be.

Milk and Honey is written by Canadian feminist, poet and author, Rupi Kaur. It is split into four sections focusing on hurting, loving, breaking and healing respectively. The poems aim to explore pain in its many formations, whilst also expressing femininity and the sweetness that can be found in all of the darker moments in life. The poems are no longer than a page long and read as I imagine spoken poetry would if somebody wrote it down. This approach works quite well, as each poem hangs independently with poignancy whilst also slotting into the whole.

I really enjoyed these poems. I read the book twice, which I cannot say I do often. Everybody I know who has read it, has ripped through and gone back for more – which I feel is testament to what Kaur has created. The individual poems are short but sweet, making for a communicable sadness, which is both at once relatable and reassuring. It is OK to be sad, the journey is to accept this.

Wow that got deep.

I am inclined to agree with my friend. Milk and Honey is one of those essentials that everyone should read and every girl should cherish. I would particularly recommend to anyone who needs a pick-me-up: it is a tonic for your soul in paper form.



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