The Establishment: Owen Jones

…and how they get away with it.

I’m sorry it has been so long since I have done any reviews. I’ve been reading this last one since around Christmas but I haven’t had the time to finish it, what with paying for the pleasure of reading for my degree.

I picked this book because I’ve been going through a non-fiction phase and fancied something that would make me think. I can’t claim it didn’t do that. Owen Jones is a homegrown writer, political activist and beautiful man who has spent much of his professional life as a left-wing commentator for papers such as The Guardian and The Independent. He may be most recently known as the guy who spoke out about Donald Trump in one of his columns, describing him as a proponent of terrorism due to his recent incitement against Islam.

The Establishment is a social commentary which aims to turn the attention away from the lowest rungs of society and back on to the elite. It discusses the development of the current British system of governance and how politicians, the media, police and various others are aiding business in a way detrimental to the people. Jones ends with a call for a democratic revolution, in which power is taken back from the forces of the elite and self-serving.

This book, more than anything, made me angry. Not because of the nature of things that he was saying, but because I felt that I had little power to change anything. It helped me to properly form my political opinion; I’ve always had a rough idea, but the clear and eloquent way in which he laid out his argument helped me to understand how I really felt about matters such as the EU and privatisation. If you can get past the initial depression this book is an inspiring piece, it definitely did its job with me as I no longer feel resigned to my political fate!

I recommend everyone to read, although it can get quite heavy at times-perhaps not a cheerful bedtime story!


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